Three Chicas found a home

July 20, 2018 lvocem 4 comments

Ghost Town has accepted this Flash story for publication.   It’s quite interesting, because I submitted this story to them before, but at that time I made other changes and added the third character.  This was about six months ago, so I’d figure the story would be declined soon.  But they accepted it.

I am even thinking about writing more about Alejandra.  I don’t know if I have a whole novel in me about her, but I think the material is bubbling in my head and I have already started to research what exactly happened to her and how she ended up here in the States.

So, I have no idea when “Three Chicas” will go live.  But I am so happy and so honored that some of these stories have found homes in some well established academic institutions.

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  1. Alejandra as a character has been growing. So I have began to plot her life, her family, her brother, her mother and father. I have been keeping in contact with several people in Facebook that are living right now in Venezuela. I asks them all types of crazy questions. The story is going to be about Alejandra’s last year in Caracas and what prompted her to leave to the States. While I know Caracas very well, the Caracas that I knew or even my sister knows of a year or two ago are totally different than what people are going through today. To plot the story, I have stopped listening to the radio when I drive to work. By focusing my driving time on the story, in essence the whole story writes itself so when I sit down to commit words to paper, the story just comes out like dictation.

    1. I can’t believe the amount of Spam post that I have had to delete on this particular entry. Spammers, realize that unless your comment is about writing, this story, or literature, you will be deleted. I don’t care what you’re selling, or what weird website you want people to go. YOU WILL BE DELETED.

    2. Here’s an update on Alejandra. I’ve written two new Flash Fiction stories where she is in. One uses her POV, and two other ones use other peoples POV. One story is called “I’m blue,” but not blue like having the blues, but blue like the blue guacamayas that fly around Caracas. The other one is called “The Last Sancocho,” which is the father of one of her friends doing a video selfie of all of them as they cook the Venezuelan traditional soup, as his boys are getting ready to come to the States. The third one was originally called “Carajitos,” but nobody got it (I have a secret group where we workshop, we critique each other stories). So I changed the name to “Street Kids.” This story is about kids that live in the streets of Caracas and roam the city looking for food.

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