Available Stories

Available Stories

This page is for editors.  These are the stories looking for a home.  As you can see, the only things listed are the name and a brief description, thus they are not published.  If you click on them, it will take you to my Contact page, where you can e-mail me for a special viewing of the story you are interested.

Black Helmet

3388 Words

National Guard chases a young man through a busy avenue in Caracas, Venezuela.  

Latino Quarter

6483 Words

I wrote this story one month after Trump announced his candidacy.  This is a cautionary tale of what could happen about 3 years into his presidency.  

Doing the Job

1360 words

Jose, a construction contractor is having drinks with his crew and getting ready to fire someone. 


3825 words

Teenage angst in the age of video games and social media.


3825 words

Teenage angst in the age of video games and social media.

The things We Can't Talk About

5002 words

A couple goes to therapy and reveals a trauma so big, they can't even talk about it. 

The House Next Door

5536 words

What happens to a run-down, drug-ridden dilapidated neighborhood when a family of Mexicans moves in. 

Three Chicas

1306 words

An ICE raid through the eyes of three Chicas. 

The Blue Guacamayas

5252 words

A woman living in the States has to return to Venezuela to renew her visa and is exposed to the realities of what it's to survive under the current socialist dictatorship and economic turmoil. 

Burrito Bowl

1043 words (Flash Fiction)

Racism is all around us, even in the most innocuous of situations. 

Slum Boy

4661 words

A boy from the slums of Caracas goes down to school worried about reciding a battle that changed the course of the war of independence,  In the process, he finds obstacles of his own. 


2875 words

A middle age man discovers the power of riding a bike. 


5907 words

A man goes into a bike ride to clean his head from his divorce and instead is faced with his darkest demons. 


5682 words

A couple deals with breast cancer in the middle of the great recession.