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Give your loved ones the freedom and reassurance they need with one of our Golden Companion Caregivers

Affordable eldercare, compassionate touch

We understand that seniors are at risk with feelings of isolation and depression. These feelings can be brought on by the loss of friends and loved ones, or due to limited mobility and physical restraints. We can help.

Lend a hand around the house,
provide a friendly ear.

Personal care as unique as your loved one

The care provided by our Golden Companion Caregivers allows your loved ones to stay at home and continue to be a part of their community. Staying at home makes it easier for friends and family to visit, and for your loved ones to be in control of their daily life.

Let’s get to know each other

Step 1:


This is a mutual process. You’ll have questions, we’ll have questions for you. We want to personalize the care we provide, get to know your loved ones and what makes them happy.

Step 2:

Coming up with a plan

Tell us the schedule that will work for you and your loved one.  Days of the week or weekend.  Doctor’s appointments.  Medication reminders.  Exercise plans. Social activities.

Step 3:

Starting the process

This is when we get to know your loved one in person and interact.  We want to make sure that not only your loved one is at ease, but that your family members feel comfortable.

Step 4:

Road to success

Success is living with dignity and a sense of freedom you can only get at home, close to all your loved ones. 

Stories of success

He is a great addition to our family. He has relieved the anxiety of having my two 85 year old parents in law moving in. Yikes is right. He cooks their favorite meals and takes them shopping. He takes them to Dr appointments and out to lunch. He listens to them and understands their needs. He is making a difference every visit to help them become joyful humans.

Deborah L.

Very helpful & professional.

Elizabeth H.

He is the blessing in the package. I highly recommend him for all your senior nanny needs. He is a great senior care specialist.

Steve L.

Services that we provide

We can help run errands and  shopping.  Assist with special mobility needs.  

While our Companion Caregivers are not necessarily five 5 chefs, we make sure that they can cook outstanding home-made meals, and understand the nutritional requirements of your loved one. 

We can help organizing laundry, packing and moving, help with pets and make sure that things are tidy. 

We understand how important they are for you and your loved one.  As part of the initial consultation we will develop a schedule and arrange all other activities around them. 

Every person is different.  Some like going to their favorite restaurants, engage with family members or go to community events.  Some may prefer a quiet game of chess. We believe in providing whatever makes them feel the happiest and at ease.  

Tell us about your loved one special needs. What needs to be communicated to other care providers or help interact with other family members.  Whatever it is, we know it’s important to  you and your loved one. And we’re there to assist.

Affordable personal care

Our Golden Companion Caregivers range between $20 to $25 an hour – depending on the special needs that will be required. 

Freedom to go shopping,
to restaurants and social events

Golden Companions


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