Short Stories


 What a year 2023 has been.  “Temporary Protected Status” just came out in the Acentos Review. “Deportation Papers” is a finalist in the 2023 Rash Award in fiction and will come out this fall. “Catire,” a story I originally wrote 30 years ago and revived just recently, found a home in the Westchester Review, and just came out June 15th.  

Read the interviews that I’ve had with various literary publications.

“On Guard” received the Editors Choice Award in the Raymond Carver Contest and was published in Carve Magazine.  It also has an article about the Venezuelan Diaspora. 

Sample Stories

Belletrist Magazine 
Belletrist College, Fall 2019

Fiction Southeast
First Finalist, 2019  Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize


Fall 2019, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley


Carve Magazine
Fall 2020, Editor’s Choice Award, Raymond Carver Short Story Contest 

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