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Hot of the presses, “City on Water” just came out on Touchstone Literary Review, from Kansas State University. 

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“On Guard” received the Editors Choice Award in the Raymond Carver Contest and was published in Carve Magazine.  It also has an article about the Venezuelan Diaspora.  Please support it and tell others.  

“The House Next Door” was published in the print publication RiverSedge, out of the University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley.   “The Blue Guacamayas” came out in print in Belletrist Magazine“I’m Blue,” made it to  first finalist in the Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize in Fiction Southeast. “The Last Sancocho” is online at Chaleur Magazine.  

Sample Stories

Belletrist Magazine 
Belletrist College, Fall 2019

Carve Magazine
Fall 2020, Editor’s Choice Raymond Carver Short Story Contest 


Fall 2019, University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley

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