Short Stories


If you are visiting after reading “The Pleasure Model” in the Saranac Review, welcome to my webpage, where you can read or be routed to some of my published stories. So read and enjoy.

Two days into January, “Deportation Papers,” 2023 Rash Award Finalist, came out in print. Then within weeks of each other, three stories that are part of my novel found homes:  “Hold Me Tight” in Tint Journal; “The Arrival” in Bellingham Review; and “Escuderos” in River Styx (I will provide links the moment they go live).  That makes it ten stories from my novel The Air Beneath Her Feet – three receiving awards.  I am still looking for a reputable publisher for the novel.

Last year, “Temporary Protected Status”  (the last chapter of the novel) came out in the Acentos Review.  “Catire,” a story I originally wrote 30 years ago,  found a home in the Westchester Review.

“On Guard” is back home and you can read it here.  This story received the 2020 Editors Choice Award in the Raymond Carver Contest and was published in Carve Magazine

Sample Stories

Zoetrope All-Story Extra 
Issue 8, 1999

Carve Magazine
Fall 2020, Editor’s Choice Award, Raymond Carver Short Story Contest 

Broad River Review
Volume 55, Gardner-Webb University, NC
2023 Rash Award Finalist  

Fiction Southeast
First Finalist, 2019  Ernest Hemingway Flash Fiction Prize

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