About L. Vocem

Growing up, I gravitated towards the visual arts.  I was infatuated by the Latin American muralist and the paintings of Goya and Paul Gauguin.  I loved that they always told a story and you could immerse yourself for hours trying to dissect the symbolism and meaning in every corner of their paintings. 

There came a point for me where my visuals had to move, they had to feel, they had to tell an intense narrative unique to them and their invented existence. Thus I became addicted to telling stories.  Here you can read my published stories, giving credit to the wonderful publications that took a chance with me an published them first.

So have fun and get some tissue, I promise you some of these stories will have you crying in no time.

I have a BFA and attended the Iowa Summer Writers Workshop and Oglethorpe University writer’s workshops.  I taught creative development at Portfolio Center.

Some of my work is forthcoming or recently published in Touchstone Literary Magazine, Tulane Review and riverSedge Journal. Other stories have appeared in Litro, Ghost Town, Wraparound South, Azahares, Zoetrope All-Story Extra and others. His work was awarded the Editor’s Choice Award in the 2020 Raymond Carver Short Story Contest, First Finalist in the 2018 Ernest Hemingway Prize for fiction and made the shortlist for London Magazine’s 2018 Short Story Prize.

I live in Alpharetta, Georgia.  I am a member of the Atlanta Writer’s Club. 

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